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The Basketball IntelliGym™ Personal Edition vs. Gold Edition

The Basketball IntelliGym™ Personal Edition contains 19 unique training sessions. The program starts with a battery test in order to adjust the program to each player's strengths and weaknesses. The system then trains basketball related skills such as decision making, court vision, anticipation, shot selection, team play and execution.
The training program is designed for on-going training, just like physical workout. The 19 unique training sessions allow the athlete for 4 to 6 months of brain training, then revisiting the same sessions with advanced parameters.

The GOLD Edition is intended for committed players who are involved with year-round competition.
In addition to the full Basketball IntelliGym™ Personal Edition content, the GOLD Edition includes training under extreme time constraints emphasizing shot-clock time management.
Another key element included in the GOLD edition is the IntelliGym™ Maintenance Training Phase. This part of the training program will help you cope with the influence of routine and fatigue and will allow you to remain alert and sharp throughout the season.
The following chart compares and highlights major features of the two Basketball IntelliGym™ Personal Editions.

Feature Personal Edition
Personal Edition
Personal Edition GOLD
Gold Edition
Personalized program
Automatic adaptation of the training program to each player to suite his/her strengths and weaknesses
Initial training phase
Unique training sessions that are designed to get the player into mental shape in terms of basketball related brain-skills

19 unique training sessions

19 training unique sessions
Time constraints module
This module is aimed at training Shot-clock management (time perception) and decision making in crunch-time scenarios

4 unique training sessions
Maintenance training phase
Training sessions that are designed to maintain the skills acquired in the Initial Training Phase throughout the season

11 unique training sessions
Monthly price (Monthly Plan, single user) $12 $20
Monthly price (Annual Plan, single user) $9 $16